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Your upcoming move is going to be a test on your office, staff and management. It has been stated over the years that changes and moves are one of the most stressful periods for us humans. Moving an office creates an especially stressful environment that is compounded by the number of people and the types and quantities of vendors and systems involved.

You use professionals to assist with many of areas of your business. Accountants, lawyers, marketing, supply chain specialists . . . the list can be very long. When it comes to this critical period of time we recommend you don’t attempt this on your own and hire a professional move manager – that would be us – Interior Dimension, Inc.

As the Expert in relocating offices and managing major changes we have the experience and processes to remove virtually all the stress from your upcoming change. With our variety of programs available (check them out below) we can meet any budget. We also have value added programs that can help save additional time and money.

If you’re just getting started with your move, we suggest that you check out these links:

  • The Anatomy Of A Move
  • What is Move Management

Our goal is to remove as much stress from your change as possible. Talking to us is a great first step and doesn’t cost anything but a little time. Check out the Contact Us above in the menu.

Here are the programs that we offer with their basic descriptions.


Free Stuff

If you’re into doing stuff on your own and want to spend no money then Free Stuff is where you want to start. A plethora of information is available just for downloading. Check it out HERE


Do It Yourself for those of you that are DIYers.  This group understands that a little money on education can go a long way to making the project easier. This is fee based but includes ALL of the guides and forms we use to run ALL of our projects. Check it out HERE

Guided Assistance

This program hits the middle between a DIY and Full Project Management. This saves the time and stress of absorbing the DIY information. In the Guided Assistance program we direct you through the process so you’ll never feel alone. Your time and our guidance makes a wonderful partnership. Check it out HERE

Full Project Management

This is the whole enchilada. Complete Management of your project including on-site supervision and coordination. This does not eliminate your involvement and some time commitment. Considering you probably have a “regular” job that still needs to be done the Full Project Management program is the closet we can get to doing it all for you. Check it out HERE