We have developed 4 programs to assist you with your project however big or small it may be. We provide a summary of each program below. You can click on the link for each program to get the full details and signup forms.

The programs range from Free to Complete Project Management. You can tailor your program to fit your budget (you do have a budget – right?) As you move up into the programs you also get more of our involvement.

Our Move My Office App is available at an extra charge. This award-winning app (we think it’s award-winning) is a key component to all our projects. This compact App is used to manage inventory, personnel and locations. It is currently available for use on Apple iPad and iPhone (although the screen size might be a little small).

We are working to make it available through our website page as well.

It’s available for a fee of $129 for a 12-month period.

FREE STUFF Just like it sounds, it’s FREE. We provide lots of guidance and planning within this program that you are free to use as much as you’d like. The information is broken into the major components of a move. We strive to make this an easy to follow program, but it is the basic information, so you do need to be able to extrapolate some to connect all the dots of the program.

Click on the link to see what you can access with this program:  FREE STUFF

DIY – DO IT YOURSELF Starting in the DIY program we offer email support to answer questions that you have as you’re developing and implementing the project. We generally respond within the same day but reserve the right to respond within a 24-hour period (business days only). The pricing for the DIY Program is $239.95 and covers a 12-month period. After your initial 12 months you can sign up for extra months to help close out your project. The additional months are available at $25.00 per month.

Phone Calls / Video chats are not offered in this program and we don’t include any physical visits or trips, this after all, a DIY Program.

The DIY Program also includes our Move My Office App.

You can find out all the details of the program here: DIY

GUIDED ASSISTANCE Moving up the ladder our next level is Guided Assistance.

Here we essentially hold your hand through the entire process.

We hold phone / video calls with you on a regular schedule. Depending on how long your project is these calls will range from weekly to every 2-3 weeks. Generally, at the start of your project we will be talking less and then increase the frequency as the project progresses.

The Move My Office App is also included with this program.

We don’t allow for physical visits with this program level, but they are available for extra fees and expenses. Fees for this program start at $1,800. The final amount is dependent on the time frame of your project.

You can find out more about the program by going here: GUIDED ASSISTANCE

FULL PROJECT MANAGEMENT Our complete and comprehensive program is designed to take charge of your project, be the Project Manager and lead you all the way through the process.

During this extremely disruptive time you do have to keep in mind that your normal business will still command the same hours and workload it did before your decision to move.

These services include: on site visits, working with dept move coordinators, leading project meetings, physical inventory, finding, organizing and managing subcontractors, developing and maintaining the project schedule, drawing develop and maintenance and many more items that a project requires.

Companies that use our Full Project Management service understand the benefit of hiring experts to assist them in certain aspects of their business. Experts have generally been there and done that so you can rely on them to avoid the pitfalls that you will experience if you do it on your own.

With the Full Project Management Program you also get to take advantage of our Value Added Services which can provide significant savings to your project.

Find out the details of our program here: FULL PROJECT MANAGMENT