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Here are links to quickly take you to each of our resources:

  • Move Interview Document
  • Sample Move Schedule (FastTrack Software)
  • Sample Move Schedule (Excel Version)
  • 12 Step Manual (coming soon)
  • Scope of Work Document
  • Inventory Layout (Excel)
  • Inventory Layout (MMO App)
  • Inventory Tags
  • Sample Office Space Layout
  • Sample Office - Individual
  • Sample Furniture Tag - Moving
  • Sample Box/Crate Tag - Moving
  • Sample Office Tag
  • Move / Packing Instructions
  • People that have smaller projects or no budget for bringing in assistance will find these downloads useful. We’ve included major pieces of our move project management documents. These are samples that we use in our process.

    We’ve included links to documents that will help you through the process. They are in the order that we would typically use them.

    The Manual that is included is always a good place to start. This is the Cliff Notes version of our full Ultimate Move Guide. It provides you with the basics and shows how the other downloads are used in the move process.

    We will be referencing some items that are not included in the Free Stuff. These are available in the DIY program and used in the Guided Assistance and Full Project Management Programs.

    A full series of videos is in the works and many will be included in the Free Section.

    Here are the links to the documents that you can access with some brief explanations on how they are used. If you have questions please don’t be bashful in contacting us.

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    Available Documents

    Instructions are included on each of documents on their use. If anything is unclear please drop us note, we strive to make this process as easy as possible.

    Include a pic of each doc as a link

    Sample Schedule – We’ve included 2 different versions here. The first is a PDF of our sample Full Project Schedule, the second is a PDF showing how an Excel document can be set up for a schedule. We use Fastrack for all of our scheduling. This is a powerful full schedule program which you can purchase and use. However, if this is the only time you’ll use it that may be overkill. Generally most people have access to an spreadsheet program to use which is why we’ve included the stying for the excel.

    Move Interview Form – This document (PDF) is used to gather critical initial information on your project and to get you into the proper thinking about the various parts of your move. We use this as an initial interview document for our projects.

    XX Step Manual – This is a great place to begin your journey. This is the cliff notes version of our Ultimate Move Guide (available in the DIY Program). This will take you through the various steps of a project. Upgrading to the DIY Program will also open up full versions of documents that are used for managing a project.

    Scope of Work Document – As you progress through your project it will be necessary to obtain pricing from a variety of contractors (structured wiring, movers, installers, etc.) Having a consistent form to provide to each group of contractors will assist you in sharing the same information and set the tone to the contractors you know what you are doing and have a program in place. We provide the document used to obtain the Moving Services, this the most used document, but the other contractors can have a big impact on your project. You can develop others for the variety of contractors that you’ll use, or you can upgrade to the DIY Program and get all of the forms we use for Structured Wiring, Furniture Installation, Painting. Others are added as needed. Having these forms can save hours of time it would take to developed them on your own.

    Sample Inventory Layout – The PDF / Spreadsheet of the inventory will help in developing the inventory of your existing office. Included is the view of the details on the spreadsheet and the inventory tag.

    While this is often an overlooked step, we don’t perform a move without developing the inventory. Knowing what is to be moved, not moved, recycled, sold and or trashed is a critical step to obtaining “real” numbers from your contractors. The added advantage is that you’ll have a complete inventory of the existing furniture in your new office which can be beneficial to accounting and facility managers.

    In the upgraded programs (DIY, Guided Assistance, Full Project Management) our Move My Office App is used to produce the inventory along with managing the personnel and various buildings you are moving out of and into. Again the upgrade is well worth the savings in time that you will save in having a tool to manage a great deal of the work.

    Sample Office Layout – Drawings are a major component to a stress free and successful move. Determining where things are being located eliminates lots of questions during the move period.

    If you are working with a designer/architect for your office layout they can provide the necessary services to produce these. If you are using a furniture dealer to provide new furniture or relocating existing cubicles they are likely to have the capabilities to provide these drawings, they may be at an extra charge.

    We use a variety of sizes to help managed the actual move. Large floor plan sets are used to provide locations of offices/cubes in relation to the overall office. Smaller drawings showing individual offices are used for each office to show how furniture is to be placed. Allowing movers/installers to place items without asking questions is a key component to a stress free move. These drawing sets are part of our Full Project Management program and available as an upgrade to the Guided Assistance Program.

    Furniture Tag Sample – Knowing where each piece of furniture will be moved to is important. If you’ve followed our guide you will have completed the inventory and tagged each item with a unique number that is tied to the inventory.

    When its time to move each piece of the inventory needs to be tagged so it’s clear where it is to be moved to.

    You may be thinking the moving tag is overkill. We would proceed to explain that while most movers are very good we don’t want them to have to think too much about where something is going, it will slow down the process and cause questions and bottlenecks.

    If your move is pretty small and simple you can place the tags on the furniture without doing the inventory step. If you are taking an inventory our Move My Office App is the perfect tool, it even includes the ability to print furniture tags in a variety of color coding if your move is move complex.

    • Box / Content Tag Sample – On the move projects that we manage the tags used for moving furniture, equipment, boxes and misc contents are printed using our Move My Office App. While you can get tags from any mover we prefer our method for several reasons.
    • The MMO App provides for consistent quality in the readability of the tag
    • Generally takes much less time for team members than filling out tags on their own
    • Lowers the potential for someone to use the wrong room/location number
    • Provides control over the process which is what our program is ALL About

    We’ve included PDFs of the blank tags that you can use to fill out to print your own tags.

    This PDF only includes a Blue tag. Our custom Move My Office App provides for 8 different colored tags. We strongly urge you to consider upgrading to the DIY program to gain access to this wonderful tool.

    • Office/Cube Tag – In the process of eliminating as many questions as possible we also place a large tag in every office, cube, common space. These are folded sheets of paper with the room number & name in large print. All of this matches the details used on furniture and box tags.

    Again, the Move My Office App prints handles these easily, one more reason to consider upgrading.

    • Final Move/Packing Instructions – Keeping associates informed and providing direction is a key component to making your project as stress free as possible. The PDF provided is a generic sample of what we start with. It’s a good starting point for yours as you get closer to the physical move.
    • Additional Resources

    Under our tab at the top you will find a list of vendors that we consistently use for supplies. We’ve included all of the links and product numbers to make it easy to get what you need.