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You don’t have time to learn the process but also can’t or don’t want to afford the full Project Management program then our Guided Assistance program is for you.

As the name implies, we guide you through the process. Kind of like painting by number only we tell you where to paint and what color to use.

In this program we walk you through the entire process. We use regular scheduled calls / video chats to monitor what has been accomplished and what needs to happen going forward.

The rough breakdown is:

Reviewing the Move Interview Form

Developing the Master Schedule

Determining who needs to be involved with the project in house

Determining what contractors you will need to engage with during the project

Using the schedule to set deadlines to accomplish certain tasks

Monitoring and updating the schedule

Reviewing contractor progress and resolving issues

Developing communication timelines and setting up the documents

Depending on the schedule we may start out with bi-weekly call and then moving them to weekly as the project progresses. The calls are primarily with you or your project manager but can also include other people involved in the project.

It is important to remember that the calls have a set amount of time allotted. They can’t run over as that will affect other client calls that may be occurring on that day. So, our goal is to be efficient during each call and accomplish what is required.

Through this program you will handle the on-site activities, forms, calls and physical management.

We provide the documents that you will need and assist in making sure you have all of the information you need. We are here to provide guidance, but you are still performing the labor on the project.

We will also assist you by providing management of the schedule and keeping you on track.

Also, our Move My Office App is made available to you for the project. We’ll customize it for you and make certain that your comfortable with how and where to use it.

This program can be customized to fit your exact needs. It does not however include on-site work or visits. All of our work is handled remotely from our office. To increase our involvement we need to upgrade you to our Full Project Management service. For details on that program you can go here.

Now that you have an idea of what is involved with the Guided Assistance let’s get you started. We’re going to send you to our Contact Us page from here. There you can fill out the contact form, provide us with some details on your project. Also, you are going to need to complete the Move Interview Form. You can download that HERE. Once completed you will fax or email that to us so we have the complete picture of where you stand.

This is truly an exciting time and we look forward to making this as stress-free as possible.

Please let us know how we can help.