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When money is tighter and time more plentiful our DIY Program can be your answer.

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DIYers have a whole different approach to managing projects. There can be a great amount of satisfaction in not having to bring in someone to perform work. There can also be significant savings.

However, as every DIYer will attest there is a learning curve that must be accomplished to pull off a project successfully. This learning curve can be time consuming if you’ve not worked a similar project before.

With our DIY Program we strive to make your learning curve as short as possible. By providing our complete manual, Ultimate Guide To Moving Your Office, along with fill in the blank forms and easy to follow videos for each step of the process you can be assured of having all of the information you need to tackle virtually any move, relocation or office change project. With our added email support you can get specific questions answered to help you along.

Unlike the Free Stuff documents those offered here are copies of the original documents. They are a combination of Word and Excel documents. If you cannot open them in your programs it is possible that we can convert them, let us know if you are having trouble opening any of them.

Here is an overview of the items that are available in this program:

  • Ultimate Guide To Moving Your Office – This guide follows our complete process. It is how we manage our projects from start to finish.
  • Forms we use for managing a project – many are fill in the blank
  • Project information (your first step)
  • Scope of Work Forms – used for the variety of contractors you will need
  • Packing and Moving Instructions
  • Project schedules (both Fastrack and Excel versions)
  • Videos (How Tos)
  • Introduction to your move
  • Videos covering each of the major steps
  • Move Management App (award winning – or we think it should be) – this is the same App we use from start to finish on every project. It’s time savings alone is worth the price of the entire program

We’ve held nothing back in this section and the details show it. We’ve been managing moves/relocations for over 33 years now so there’s a lot of back story that has gone into this program.

Access to this material does require a subscription. Each subscription is good for a 9 month period (this is the time frame of our typical projects). Additional months are available if your project will not complete within this time frame.

Subscription price is $595.00 for 9 months. Additional months are available for $70.00 per month. To sign up go to this page: DIY Registration