Move Project Interview Document

Before you make a call, pick up a box, pack that first pen or piece of paper you 


first figure out where you are, what you know, what you don't know and what you need to figure out.

This is the first step we take with any of our new clients. We have to understand where our base is. That is the purpose of the Interview Document.

We cover most areas of the project and ask a lot of pointed questions. You may already have a lot of the answers.  For those questions that you are unsure of this is your first todo list.

Things like contractors you are going to use, insurance issues, schedules, who's going to pack what . . . these are all questions that need to be answered or contemplated so when the time comes you have the answer or the issue is being tackled.

So don't short circuit your process, go through this - even if your move is this weekend, this will help you figure out some of the most important questions.

The Project Interview Document is in Word format, so it should be able to be opened in most word processing programs.

To Download the form click HERE

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