Move Schedule - Sample - Excel Version

If you are not using or familiar with Project Scheduling software (or really, really, really don't want to learn another software program) then we have an Excel version of our project schedule.

As with the FastTrack version (available HERE) When we start a project one of the very first steps is to create a schedule. This is not a "set in stone" document but more of a guideline at the start.

We need to have a road map so that we keep things moving and have a general idea of what needs to be done when.

As the project develops and more people, resources and vendors are brought into the project this will become a critical project management tool. Commitments on specific schedule items will be important to the success of the project.

It looks overwhelming at first, right? As you begin your journey and you get more into the project you will begin to see where the pieces fit and it will start to make sense.

This is the link to the Excel file. You can likely open this up in a variety of spreadsheet programs.

Click HERE to download this file

MMO Excel Sched 2022