Office Inventory Tools

Inventory, yuckkkky, yuck, yuck - We Don't Need No Stinking Inventory !!!!

Hold on there whippersnapper, we would strongly disagree with that particular statement.

On our projects the inventory is a critical piece of information that has multiple uses. Such as:

  • Providing moving companies and furniture installers an accurate list of what is moving (this eliminates almost all finger pointing)
  • Makes tagging furniture easier for move, trash, recycling
  • Provides specific tagging for furniture plans that can be used by design, architectural and furniture teams
  • Provides and accurate database of asset inventory for use by accounting and facility management

So you see it's not just an exercise in counting and tagging stuff.

And, when you use our exclusive MMO Move App it makes the job much easier and sets you up for easy printing of the moving tags for people, furniture and equipment.

There are several freebies here to consider using.

First is the inventory format on an Excel spreadsheet. This is the same information that we gather in the App.  The spreadsheet helps with the process and if you are an expert at the program this will be a breeze.

We use a very small numbered tag to indicate the item number on all furniture and equipment. This is easily removed after the move is over, but you'll be surprised at the quantity of tags that never get removed.

Next we have the moving tags that are used for furniture and equipment. In very large or sequenced moves we like to use different colored tags.  While most movers will supply tags (at a cost) these are not easily printed on a printer. And, as we like things to be very uniform and readable, we are big believers in printing tags ourselves. This makes sure that the important information is on the tag and not left to the interpretation of the office personnel. You'd be surprised at what they see as important information.

Lastly, we strongly urge you to check out the MMO Move App. This is a real nice app that we've developed over 2 decades into it current form. It is the same program that we use for all of our moves.  It covers much more than just inventory.  You can find out more about it by clicking here MMO MOVE APP.

Note, that the MMO Move App is provided in our paid programs as part of the services.