Scope of Work Document

For those of you who are not familiar with this term, Scope of Work is used to outline the work required from a specific type of contractor. As we are working on office moving work here the types of work might be: 

  • Moving Companies (this is the purpose of the available document)
  • Office Furniture Installers
  • Low voltage, data wiring companies

Each of the different types of vendors would need an industry specific Scope of Work.

So why do you want to use this?  When you are entertaining pricing from multiple contractors it is very beneficial to have a consistent format and information to explain what is to be done, how it is to be formatted.

Having a consistent form to provide to each group of contractors will assist you in sharing the same information and set the tone to the contractors you know what you are doing and have a program in place.

Without this detailed information you are leaving the interpretation of the project to each contactor. This is a recipe for trouble down the road when you realize that the company you hired did not include specifics that you "assumed" where there.  We don't like surprises at any phase of our project so let's not set ourselves up for any failures.

While this form provided is the specific for Moving, we also have generic forms we've used for other contractors. These are available as part of the DIY Program is you'd like to have access to them.

You can access the Moving Scope of Work document HERE.

MMO SOW Image 2022