This is as close to doing it for you as we can get.

But, please understand there is work for you to do. While we are on-site and coordinating the process there is background work, communication and internal stuff that you are still responsible for. Sorry, but to get involved in all of that is way more than we can take on. Don’t get us wrong, the process is still going to be as stress-free as we can make it.

The first step of our engagement at this level is deciding what we are going to manage. Keep in mind that we have worked at virtually every level when it comes to office interiors. We’ve gone from:

Managing just the move portion of relocations, coordinating the content and personnel relocations

To helping evaluate a space and coordinating the finishes to be used along with the relocation coordination

To providing full oversight of the project from assisting in selection of the site to coordinating all of the contractors to supplying any new furniture and managing all of the relocation of people and contents

We can provide you with a tailored project that fills the voids that you have. And, we can help identify those voids so you are covered completely.

The key to success of this program is to be involved as early as possible. The more engaged we are the more assistance we can provide and the easier your life will be.

Bear in mind that depending on the size and complexity of a relocation project the time required to manage it can be a full time effort. So, this is on top of your regular duties of:


Business development


Fund Raising (Not-for-profits usually)

Playing internal politics

If you don’t have a lot to do on a daily basis then managing your project won’t effect you as much, other than possibly not knowing what you’re supposed to be doing. But, we have other programs that can help with that, check them out here: PROGRAMS

 If you’re like all of our clients who’s days are already booked up with the management of their business then you won’t have the time to manage your project and you’re going to wish you had brought in someone to take care of the process.

We encourage you to err on the side of caution and give us a call to discuss your project. You won’t be disappointed and it may save you from loosing some hair (we’ve already lost a lot so we’ve got that covered, as it were, already.)

Your next step is to:

Download and fill our the Project Questionaaire, then fax or email it to us

Check out our videos on the steps of a typical move project

Email or call us to discuss your project and where you are with it

We are ready to help out and make your life as stress-free as possible.